About Us

    MYSA the Swedish word meaning to engage in an activity that is comfortable and pleasurable, especially at home; an intense feeling of comfort and coziness. The definition of MYSA explains the reasoning behind our brand in the most eloquent and accurate way. Sometimes, with long days and draining work weeks the best thing to look forward to would be the time when you would be in the comfort of your own home, away from all of life’s commotions and finally be able to just unwind. For me, this often included running a hot bath, fresh bed sheets, lighting a few candles, pouring a glass of wine, and most importantly putting on a pair of my prettiest pajamas. The outfit change from my big old t-shirt to a more cohesive get-up added more pep in my step than one would expect. Now, we all know that when we face the outside world that a nice blouse, gorgeous handbag, or stunning shoes will definitely pull your shoulders back and raise your chin, but why is it that when no ones really around to see, we tend to just wear what's familiar and comfortable, however, not necessarily confidence-boosting.

   Thus, the idea for MYSA was born. We knew that the feeling that comes along with wearing a cute outfit shouldn't stop once you enter the front door but should carry onto those solo relaxing nights or evenings spent with family. The act of putting on clothes that enhance the way you feel should be done even when no ones watching and since we spend so much of our lives sleeping why not sleep in style? They sometimes say a good outfit goes to waste when nobody sees, but when you're in that luxurious satin set and you know that you put it on for your eyes only it is not only empowering, but I promise it's quite addicting as well. With the new addiction to eye-catching sleepwear pieces, we quickly realized that glorious nightwear was far and few between and what we could find sometimes felt old fashioned or lacklustre and for this reason we created a brand that catered to the modern woman, and we hope to do this by incorporating beautiful colour palettes, unique patterns, flattering silhouettes, and alluring fabrics that stand out from the rest. Lastly, remember, “me-time” is important, so indulge in comfort and coziness, you do deserve it.